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Monday, May 10, 2010

The Miles Between

Many miles have run between you and me since we shared our last adventure. I survived my 2009 trek across Europe and managed to travel from above the Arctic Circle to an island in the middle of the Mediterranean. The journey took me farther than I ever expected. In five months, I visited sixteen countries and forty cities across an entire continent. I got lost. Really, really lost. And then I found my way again. I met friends and thieves and saviors. I fell in love with an incredible man who continues to be an endless source of love and support in my life today. And now, I’ve just finished the first year of my Masters in Public and International Affairs at the University of Pittsburgh. You might say that, “things have settled somewhat.”

But then again, you and I both know that things never stay put for long.

This summer I will spend one month in Mexico City, Mexico and two months in Johannesburg, South Africa as an international media intern and a de Zafra Leadership Fellow. The range is wide open, and I’m on the road to somewhere again. Welcome back to this collection of stories for people who are on their way to somewhere too. For people whose cars have broken down, and for others who are racing ahead. I hope you’ll find pieces of yourself here, between things old and new, near and far. It’s called being Caught in the Middle – and as far as I’m concerned, it’s a really fine place to be. 


  1. Here here! It is a wonderful spot to find yourself! Safe travels!

  2. Yay Christine..I'm so glad you're continuing your blog. I'm excited to hear about your travels!

  3. Yay that you're writing again! I love reading your blog! Un abrazo desde McAllen, TX